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My First step to became a Photographer

Hi there!

As some of you may know I discover my passion for photography while I was on the road performing as a professional figure skater.

In those years as a performer, I had the opportunity to capture breathtaking places and inspiring people all over the globe.

I thought of using this break to share my knowledge and my passion with you. I believe photography is such a powerful tool that allows us to go back in time and remember those special moments that we treasure.

This post is for all those that are starting with photography or interested in knowing how the manual mode from your camera works.

I know from experience 😂 that taking pictures in manual mode could be a little challenging BUT the results you will get in your valuable memories are 100% beyond worth it.

I will share with you a short guide that you can follow as you develop your photography skills for free!, and I hope you can discover another passion of yours and who knows!?, maybe take beautiful photos together!

You can download my PDF manual mode cheat sheet for FREE here.

photography for beginners
Download PDF • 925KB

I hope you enjoy it and It’s useful for you!

For any question you may have I will be more than happy to answer, just drop a comment down below and don’t forget to follow me on my social media platforms to keep in touch and access to more photography content

Have a wonderful Day! 😊

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