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Most Popular Types of Photography You Should Know About

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Aerial Photography

aerial photography

Drones are able to fly at much lower altitudes than planes. This allows them to capture low-level images that show neighboring areas in detail. They can also be used in inclement weather, which makes it more likely that real estate professionals will invest in drone aerial photography services.

Macro Photography

macro photography

With macro photography, you can get a close-up view of small subjects like insects.

Some of the most interesting subjects to photograph with a macro lens are small bugs and insects. Flowers and various plants are also fun, and can often make interesting abstract images. The locations that offer the most to a macro photographer, is in my experience places with lots of flowers and plants.

Wildlife Photography

wildlife photography

Animals in the wild make for great subjects, but it was near impossible to shoot them in the past given technological constraints. However, improvements in camera technology, such as the ability to take multiple photos at once, has made it easier for photographers to capture a cheetah running or a whale breaching. These functions have meant that amateur photographers can now capture wildlife with the same clarity as professionals.

Still Life Photography

still photography

Still life photography is a genre of photography used for the depiction of inanimate subject matter, typically a small group of objects. It is the application of photography to the still life artistic style. An example is food photography.

Black and White Photography

The complimentary and opposing colors that bring a color image to life are all reduced to black and white or shades of grey in a monochrome image and you have to look for tonal contrast to make a shot stand out. ... However, a good starting point is to look for scenes with tonal contrast.

black and white photography

Street Photography

Great street photographs say something about life; they speak to us; they fill us with an emotion, or they give us insight. ... A great street photograph is one that makes a person think or one that brings up a specific feeling, story, or idea.

street photography

I hope the above article has inspired you to try a new style of photography!

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