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How to Save Tons of Editing Time with Lightroom Presets

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

If you’re looking for a shortcut to help speed up your photo editing workflows, Adobe Lightroom presets could be the answer.

What is it a Lightroom preset?

The easiest way to describe a Lightroom preset is as a saved combination of sliders to get the desired photo effect. Once the sliders are set in the way you like, they can be saved for later use so you can reuse them on other images. (Hence the term “preset.”)

You might use a preset for a number of different reasons:

  • To speed up batch editing

  • To create a consistent visual theme for a project

  • To simplify the editing process

  • To customize the style of images

  • To experiment with different looks for the same images

You can create your own Lightroom presets, share them with others, or download presets that create just the look you are going for.

Lightroom presets give you a great starting point

Instead of manually editing a photo from scratch, you can apply a preset to make a big change and edit from there. It’s like getting a big head start.

Lightroom presets can do a one-click edit

If I’m hitting a blank spot on where I want to take an image I will hover over my presets and see if I like any of the previews. Sometimes I love it and it’s a one-click edit. Sometimes I like the look but know it needs a little tweaking. Either way, it can save a lot of time.

Check out a few one-click edits below from some of my presets.

Download my presets for free! and let me know how it works!

These presets are only compatible with Lightroom Desktop! NOT the mobile app.

pablo's preset
Download ZIP • 1.09MB

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Have a great day everyone 🥰

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