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If you’re looking for a shortcut to help speed up your photo editing workflows, Adobe Lightroom presets could be the answer.


How To



Files are .XPM (updated version)

1. Open Lightroom Classic.

2. Select an image that you want to apply a preset to, and then open the Develop Module by clicking the Develop button near the top right of the screen.

3. In the left panel, there is a drop-down bar labeled Presets. Click on the + icon in the Presets bar, and then select Import Presets.

4. Navigate to the folder containing the Lightroom Preset XMP files you downloaded. Each XMP file is a different preset. Select every XMP file, and then click on Import.

NOTE: Desktop only. We know you're addicted to your phone, but unfortunately, you're going to have to pull out your computer to use these. 

For use with Adobe Lightroom only on Mac or PC. They will not work in Photoshop, Premiere, or any other design/editing program.

Digital Purchase can't be refound, You can try my free pack first, If you like them.. you will loooove my 4 Pack Presets :)

INCLUDED PRESETS: B&W Film, Green Film, Moody Film, and Yuma Film (4 presets)

Many times the photo is perfect after applying the preset, BUT since each photo is unique, I always recommend adjusting the color temperature and exposure manually to give your personal touch. 

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What is your style?

Dreamy landscapes. Dramatic portraits. Vibrant snapshots. Enhance the mood of any photo by adding a Lightroom Preset. 

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