Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Can I join if I was cleared for exercise at my 6-week check-up?

I recommend waiting at least 3-months postpartum (vaginal or cesarean birth). Research states that people who've given birth should wait 3-6 months postpartum before returning to impact and this is with some pelvic floor and core education as well as a strength program. If you are looking to return to exercise in the early postpartum phase, contact me HERE so we can further chat about my other services.

How long are the workouts?

You can expect the strength workouts to last approximately 30-minutes and the run sessions to range from 15-30-minutes.

What equipment do I need?

You will need: - yoga mat - light, medium and heavier set of dumbbells or KB - resistance bands (mini and loop) - bench or chair If you don't have access to some of this equipment, don't worry, we'll modify the exercise so that you can still participate!

I haven’t done exercises in years, can I still join?

Yes! You absolutely can! This is a progressive 12-week program to help you feel stronger and capable in your body! You also have exercise variations to choose from!

What if I miss a live class?

Great question! If you miss a live class you will have access to class recordings for a full year!

Is this refundable?

I am so confident that you will LOVE this program, however, If you are looking to get a refund, please reach out to me HERE and we can further discuss this :)

What type of exercises can I expect in the at-home program?

The 6-week at-home program includes mostly strength based exercises, so less out of breath/cardio exercises and more muscle burning exercises. In our live weekly workout together, I'll be including some conditionning exercises so more circuit based/cardio exercises!

I am not an experienced runner, can I still join?

Absolutely! This 12-week program is for anyone looking to either begin, or pick-up where they left off before pregnancy. It's a progressive running program with no specific goal. That's right... this is not a couch to 5K, there is no race at the end. It's for us to have fun and challenge our bodies!

What can I expect from the running program?

Definitely progressive running sessions. What I mean is that you can expect some short fast paced runs or sprinting type of movements with longer recovery time as well as some continuous interval run/walk sessions. We will be doing a mix of both to see how the body responds to impact and to play around with different strategies.

What if I have incontinence, prolapse, abdominal separation?

This program is designed to address these symptoms so that you can take back control and return to doing the things that you love, like running. This being said, every body is different and every body responds differently to exercise, especially impact. So I can't guarantee that you will be symptom free, but I definitely believe that we can see improvement over time and have you feeling confident in managing these symptoms when running. Let's give it a try!

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