Pablo was born in Córdoba, Argentina.
He studied "Dramatic Arts" at the Royal Theatre,

seminary by Jolie Libois and attended the National University of Cinema and Television whilst practicing figure skating as a hobby, but Pablo wanted his dream to became a reality. In 2009 He decided to try out and audition for Disney On Ice.

One year later, Pablo became part of the magic. Since then He had the opportunity to participate in different new productions of the company as Disney on Ice presents, “Toy Story 3", "Rockin’ ever after", "Let’s Celebrate", "100 years of magic", the big phenomenon "Frozen", and his current show "Dare to Dream", traveling to over 20 countries.
Some of the roles Pablo portrayed were, Le Fou from Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, and Miguel from the movie Coco Disney/Pixar.
This new career opened a range of opportunities in Pablo's life, such as traveling around the globe and seeing all the beauty that this world has to offer, and opening the door to pursue another passion of his, "photography".
Traveling has opened his mind and inspires him to photograph different cultures and even allows him to get to know himself on a before unknown level.

His photography work is available for purchase online in "Cerbera Gallery" located in Kansas City and "1340 art gallery" located in Amsterdam.

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